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One Week After Working in an ED Psych Ward

At orientation, I overheard another consultant mentioning she didn’t want to work in the emergency department “because of the blood”. As a huge fan of chaos, mayhem and gore, I

Decision Process of Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast

  10.10.2018   Manpreet Kaur   New York   No comments

I woke up from a phone call from my recruiter. He called about the interview days before: I was two minutes late to a phone interview (the commute was horrible!). I made

Moving to New York: Three Weeks In

  10.10.2018   Manpreet Kaur   New York   No comments

This week I woke up in a three bedroom apartment in Upper West Side with a cat named Maco to greet me. How did I get here? My apartment lease doesn’t start

Post Breakup: Take that Break from Dating

Iwalked into the airport rental garage with a duffel bag and looked around. “You can pick anything,” the attendant said. Anything? Did I want the reliable family sized SUV? A Honda? A

Knowing When to Start Dating Again

I walked out of a coffee shop last week, listening to my coworker discuss his fears and apprehension regarding the dating scene. Divorced and hurt over previous relationships, he was

Case Study: Online Dating in NYC

My date sat across from me, dressed cleanly in a dress shirt and slacks. He fidgeted with his cold beer, paused and asked me what I like to do on the

Moving to New York: One Week In

  19.07.2018   Manpreet Kaur   New York   No comments

We did it. We got up and left LA to move to NYC. One coast to the other: beaches to skyscrapers; beach bums to investment bankers; kale salads to halal

Open Letter to My Punjabi Father

  6.07.2018   Manpreet Kaur   Family   1 Comment

I wonder what you thought when you first saw me. Did you wonder who I’d grow up to be? Did you see the mischievous smile, catch the curious gaze and

International Diplomacy and Governance During the 70th WHO World Assembly: Who Is Responsible for Refugee Response?

Three year old Syrian Alan Kurdi washed up on Turkey’s shores on September 2nd, 2015. His family’s application to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada was rejected.  Five year

Rat Race

  1.07.2018   Manpreet Kaur   Work   1 Comment

We go to school. We graduate. We go to work and pay off our school debts, add on apartment leases and incur more debt. We stand in long lines for