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To the Girl Who Lives Next Door

I woke up this morning, stretched, made a cup of coffee and began writing. A few hours later, you woke up. You began talking to someone on the phone and

The Most Interesting Man I’ve Met

I purchased some wireless headphones, knowing full well they were being sold for double if not triple the normal price. I was dreading the six hour flight from LA to

Moving to New York: Five Month Update

  10.12.2018   Manpreet Kaur   New York   No comments

I’m sitting in my favorite little cafe below my apartment building. The manager greets me with a warm smile as I settle into “my seat” and we briefly catch up.

Characteristics that Made My Boyfriend My Fiance

I moved in my bed, forcing myself to fall back asleep. I could hear laughter, lively conversation and dishes clinking downstairs. My dad had mentioned that two of his grad

One Week After Working in an ED Psych Ward

At orientation, I overheard another consultant mentioning she didn’t want to work in the emergency department “because of the blood”. As a huge fan of chaos, mayhem and gore, I

Decision Process of Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast

  10.10.2018   Manpreet Kaur   New York   No comments

I woke up from a phone call from my recruiter. He called about the interview days before: I was two minutes late to a phone interview (the commute was horrible!). I made

Moving to New York: Three Weeks In

  10.10.2018   Manpreet Kaur   New York   No comments

This week I woke up in a three bedroom apartment in Upper West Side with a cat named Maco to greet me. How did I get here? My apartment lease doesn’t start

Post Breakup: Take that Break from Dating

Iwalked into the airport rental garage with a duffel bag and looked around. “You can pick anything,” the attendant said. Anything? Did I want the reliable family sized SUV? A Honda? A

Knowing When to Start Dating Again

I walked out of a coffee shop last week, listening to my coworker discuss his fears and apprehension regarding the dating scene. Divorced and hurt over previous relationships, he was

Case Study: Online Dating in NYC

My date sat across from me, dressed cleanly in a dress shirt and slacks. He fidgeted with his cold beer, paused and asked me what I like to do on the