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To the Girl Who Lives Next Door

I woke up this morning, stretched, made a cup of coffee and began writing. A few hours later, you woke up. You began talking to someone on the phone and

Characteristics that Made My Boyfriend My Fiance

I moved in my bed, forcing myself to fall back asleep. I could hear laughter, lively conversation and dishes clinking downstairs. My dad had mentioned that two of his grad

Post Breakup: Take that Break from Dating

Iwalked into the airport rental garage with a duffel bag and looked around. “You can pick anything,” the attendant said. Anything? Did I want the reliable family sized SUV? A Honda? A

Knowing When to Start Dating Again

I walked out of a coffee shop last week, listening to my coworker discuss his fears and apprehension regarding the dating scene. Divorced and hurt over previous relationships, he was

Case Study: Online Dating in NYC

My date sat across from me, dressed cleanly in a dress shirt and slacks. He fidgeted with his cold beer, paused and asked me what I like to do on the

Three Unconventional Truths About Online Dating

The three of us sat around my office cubicle hunched over my phone, like little school girls, cooing over the attractive guy on the screen. “Just try it, Mannie,” one

Three Monthly Subscriptions That Are Worth My Money

I might be one of the hardest individuals to sell monthly subscriptions to. I hate advertisements and I hate being advertised to. I dislike unnecessary emails and baggage. Whenever possible,

A Year After Heart Break

We broke up a year ago today. The man — I planned on marrying, having two bright eyed kids with (named Jai and Arya), traveling to Bali with, growing old with and

Snapping Away to Mindlessness: Commentary on Our Relationship with Social Media

I wake up, fumble for my phone, check the time and then go through the process of checking my email and all of my social media. Within seconds, I am