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Rat Race

  1.07.2018   Manpreet Kaur   Work   1 Comment

We go to school. We graduate. We go to work and pay off our school debts, add on apartment leases and incur more debt. We stand in long lines for

Era of Hospitals, Hotels and Airports: Personal Commentary on Consulting throughout America

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It was said that when Captain Hernan Cortes landed on the coast of Veracruz to begin his conquest, he told his men to burn the ships so they had no

One Week After Working in an ED Psych Ward

  17.06.2018   Manpreet Kaur   Work   No comments

At orientation, I overheard another consultant mentioning she didn’t want to work in the emergency department “because of the blood”. As a huge fan of chaos, mayhem and gore, I

Giving Up Consulting (aka being a corporate gypsy)

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In New York, I sit solo at the hotel bar. I order the same dinner (Salmon Caesar salad without croutons) with a glass of St. Francis Merlot. I’m getting updates from my