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We go to school.

We graduate.

We go to work and pay off our school debts, add on apartment leases and incur more debt.

We stand in long lines for coffee, refilling our exhausted souls with burnt coffee to replace the lost sleep, lost dreams and lost creativity.

We scroll through facebook feeds and instagram videos of drinks, debauchery and destinations.

We work hard, go the extra mile, plan for the weekend and run out the doors on Friday.

We go out with our friends, offhandedly joke about the times, debate calling that guy, get into bed in a heap of an exhausted mess on Saturday morning, falling asleep to the American dream.

We spend the weekend either in a manic rush to complete all the tasks pushed off during the week or in a catatonic state of mindless Netflix binging.

We debate going vegan, losing weight, getting into yoga or even trying out meditation.

We hear of the school shootings, mass genocides and refugees yet feel helpless and clueless on how to change a society so we change the channel instead to Trevor Noah or Jimmy Fallon before falling asleep.

We restart the process all over again on Monday.

We get married, find “the one” and go to an overpriced island gettaway.

We keep moving higher and higher, buying bigger and better homes, cars and accessories.

We have kids, get a mortgage and spend a lifetime paying off money owed, exchanging our lives for temporary clothing, temporary housing and temporary highs.

We live on a linear rat race of life milestones with only lateral career climbs.

Is there a finish line to this?

Do you think one day, decades from now, we’ll feel like, “we made it”?

Or will we be still chasing the next challenge, next achievement, next tax bracket to decorate a house we don’t live in to work jobs we don’t love?


  • Ravi Rana
    August 15, 2018, 1:52 pm  Reply

    Sorry for commenting here. I really liked your article- one year after the break up. I am able to relate all of the post break up things with my life. Your article really gave a good hope to look forward.
    Thank you.

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